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Castaic Union School District

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Role of the Board  9000 BB    
Board and Superintendent Protocols  9001 BB    
Governance Standards  9005 BB    
Public Statements  9010 BB    
Disclosure of Confidential/Privileged Information  9011 BB    
Board Member Electronic Communications  9012 BB    
Organization  9100 BB    
Terms of Office  9110 BB    
President  9121 BB    
Secretary  9122 BB    
Clerk  9123 BB    
Attorney  9124 BB    
Board Committees  9130 BB    
Board Representatives 9140 BB    
Limits of Board Members Authority 9200 BB    
Governing Board Elections 9220 BB    
Resignation 9222 BB    
Filling Vacancies 9223 BB    
Oath or Affirmation 9224 BB    
Orientation 9230 BB    
Board Training 9240 BB    
Remuneration, Reimbursement and Other Benefits 9250 BB   E
Legal Protection 9260 BB    
Conflict of Interest 9270 BB   E
Board Policies 9310 BB    
Suspension of Policies, Bylaws, Administrative Regulations 9314 BB    
Meetings and Notices (includes posting requirements) 9320 BB    
Closed Session  9321 BB E(1) E(2)
Agenda/Meeting Materials 9322 BB    
Meeting Conduct 9323 BB    
Actions by the Board 9323.2 BB   E
Minutes and Recordings 9324 BB    
Board Self-Evaluation 9400 BB