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Live Oak Elementary School is proud to be the home of not one but two inaugural LEGO robotics teams. Under the guidance of the FIRST LEGO League, the Leopard Bots and Spot Bots have been working hard to design, build, program and operate their robots to tackle as many of the 16 missions on the designated competition field as possible. Students have been working in small groups to assemble the bots, and are learning collaboration and communication skills as they work through the process. Team members will also be learning how to effectively use coding software to program and finesse their bots as the tournament draws near. These teams have been fortunate to be aided by robotics teams from other areas in Los Angeles County. High-ranking, high school robotics teams in two regions have shared equipment, and ideas in an effort to encourage “coopertition”. This term, a new favorite of Leopard and Spot Bots, means that in FIRST robotics teams cooperate with one another in any way possible before and after competition while all are allies in preparation. This changes when teams compete head-to-head, but reverts right back when the buzzer sounds. Cooperation + competition = coopertition.
Both teams are being coached by Lara Frandzel, 4th-grade Teacher at Live Oak Elementary School and Jackson Strahs who is a recent West Ranch High School graduate and former FIRST Robotics Competition member of the team “Project 691” with the William S. Hart High School District. Ms. Frandzel was able to secure grant funding from Raytheon Industries, and continues to provide administrative and design mentorship to the team. Jackson leads team members through the design, build, and program phases using his vast skill set based on years of competitive robotics experience, and engineering know-how. While building the bots is the main focus of both the Leopard and Spot Bots, teams are also responsible for creating a presentation that best represents the Core Values of FIRST as they relate to the individual teams: Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork, and Fun. This part of the experience will be presented by each team, to a panel of judges at the Qualifying Tournament in November.
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