McGraw Hill 6-8

Glencoe Math, by McGraw Hill, is our math curriculum for grades 6-8.  This math curriculum teaches the Common Core State Standards, while incorporating the latest technology.  The online feature, through Connect Ed, makes it easy for your student to access lessons, videos, extra review sheets, and practice tests.  Follow the directions below to log-in. 

Math Website Information

  1. Go to:
  2. Username:  (Student's Google Login)
  3.  Password: cms042
  4. Click on Book: California Glencoe Math,

Course 1, © 2015 (6th Grade)

Course 2, © 2015 (7th Grade)

Math Accelerated © 2015 (7th Grade)

Course 3, © 2015 (8th Grade)

Algebra I © 2015 (8th Grade)

After logging in for the first time, make sure you have access to the correct book. Utilizing this online resource will prove to be very helpful!