Go Math K-5

Go Math!, published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, is our adopted math curriculum for kindergarten through 5th grade.  With this math series, our students will use manipulatives, model drawings, rigorous questions, as well as utilizing technology, to make the Common Core State Math Standards comprehensible.  A way for your student to access Go Math! at home is through the use of Think Central.  Think Central enables you to access your child's math book, play reinforcement math games, interact with the book by completing a reteach lesson, and use an online practice book.  You can also use the Personal Trainer to revisit what your child learned that very day.  It is fun and easy to use!  Your child's teacher will also have the opportunity to create online assignments just for your student.  Check it out!   


You can view Think Central from any computer using the Internet.  


To log onto Think Central:

Website: www.thinkcentral.com

Click on Mathematics

Click on Go Math!

Select: California

Select District: Castaic Union School District

Select School: Castaic Elementary School, Live Oak Elementary School, or Northlake Hills Elementary School

Student Name: _____________________

Username: (Student's Google Login)

 Elementary Sites Only Password: Cusdk5!