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Long-Term Independent Study

Long-Term Independent Study Program

The Castaic Union School District offers a comprehensive, Long-Term Independent Study Program for Kindergarten through eighth grade students.  The program provides a flexible, supportive, and individualized program of instruction based on the California Common Core State Standards.  Students who are enrolled in this program with the Castaic Union School District will remain enrolled with the District and continue to meet course work guidelines prescribed by the state education code.  


The Castaic Union School District’s Long-Term Independent Study Program is a viable option for parents who are home full-time, who can give their undivided attention to the educational needs of their child, and who have a general understanding of various instructional strategies and tools to ensure a positive learning environment and experience for their student. Parents are required to instruct their students Monday-Friday and are not allowed to bank hours.  Per Senate Bill 98, Students in Kindergarten are required to be engaged in school/instruction for a minimum of 180 minutes/day.  Students in Grades 1-3 are required to be engaged in school/instruction for a minimum of 230 minutes/day.   Students in Grades 4-8 are required to be engaged in school/instruction for a minimum of 240 minutes/day.  The following subjects are required to be implemented through the Long-Term Independent Study Program: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, and Music (or another approved elective).  Families are issued Teacher Editions (as available through the District), textbooks, and materials relevant to their student’s grade level.  All classwork is completed at home through the instruction and supervision of the parent/guardian.  The District's Program Administrator will support the parents along the way as they embark upon the journey of educating their children at home. Daily documentation and weekly work samples per each subject are required to be submitted to the Program Administrator every week.  Parents and students are required to meet with  the Program Administrator at least once per week, more often as needed.  


While enrolled in the District’s Long-Term Independent Study program, students are assessed periodically through the District’s Diagnostic system, iReady.  Report cards and state testing are also expected to be completed through this program as well. Parents assume responsibility for giving feedback regarding the student’s grades, with assistance and guidance from  the Program Administrator.


During Distance Learning, prior to applying for approval for the Long-Term Independent Study Program, families are required to meet with the Principal at the child’s home school to discuss concerns and options for support at the school site.  Parents who cannot meet the daily requirements, weekly meeting requirement, daily live interaction, nor the instructional requirements (i.e. understanding of content) will not be approved for the Long-Term Independent Study Program.  During the Covid-19 crisis, families are required to meet with  the Program Administrator via on online platform (i.e. Zoom) once per week as well as to have Daily Live Interaction.  During Distance Learning, Teacher Manuals, textbooks, and materials/supplies are limited.  

Long-Term Independent Study Program Administrator

Ms. Kimberly LePage